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Annual report

Since 1992, the Cogeco Program Development Fund has been an active supporter of Canadian television drama through its various financing programs for the development and production of drama series and movies-of-the-week, written by Canadian screenwriters, produced by Canadian producers and exhibited by Canadian broadcasters.

With an endowment of $5M and annual contributions of $3M from Cogeco Cable, a subsidiary of Cogeco Cable inc., the Fund has allocated $3,506,414 to the development of 461 series, MOW’s and pilots, as well as $38,715,794 for the production of 240 series and MOWs.  In addition, $2,156,500 has been awarded to 50 companies through the Theatrical Feature Film Development Program which provides corporate support for companies developing feature films.  The Fund’s newest program has invested $448,877 in the early pre-development stage of television projects. 

This valuable financial assistance has made the difference for many of the series and movies that we see on our television screens, on recording devices, in theatres and on our mobile screens. 

The Cogeco Fund is very proud to have contributed to some outstanding success stories and innovations in the industry during 2014:  Murdoch Mysteries continues to entice audiences beyond the milestone 100 episodes; 19-2 has successfully accomplished the challenging feat of being adapted into an English version of a French-language hit series; Corner Gas: The Movie not only achieved financial and marketing success with its Kickstarter campaign, but also created an innovative launch campaign in theatres across Canada which in turn led to excellent audience ratings for its television broadcast;  the Book of Negroes mini-series had a standing ovation at its premiere at MICOM and record-breaking audience numbers for its broadcaster.  In Quebec, Toute la vérité ‘s final season continued to attract over one million viewers for each episode;  the public and critics rave about  Au secours de Béatrice; the series Mensonges experimented with a VOD broadcast before it traditional television broadcast; the renewal of Série noire is making its active social community online very happy, and the anthology series Contes pour tous has been enriched this year with a new film, Le gang des hors-la-loi.   We can definitely state that Canadian television programs are doing very well!

In order to continue to create financing programs that support high quality, distinguished and popular productions, the Cogeco Fund must listen and respond to the demands of the public as well as the industry.  Like all the other private Funds in the CIPF `family` (`Certified Independent Production Funds`), we will face some important challenges in the next few years.  Together we must work to find ways to recognize the various interests of consumers, creators, producers, broadcasters, public and private funders and businesses.   We will review our activities and take into consideration new regulations and policies, technological changes, the evolution of audience expectations, the needs of local and international markets – all while continuing to respect who we are, our culture and our values. 

Yves Mayrand 

Pre-Development Funding (for series, mini-series and MOW’s)

In recognition of the need to stimulate the creation and development of innovative concepts, the Cogeco Fund accepts requests for funding for the “pre-development” of dramatic productions that have not yet obtained broadcaster support. The objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to producers to finance third party costs incurred to develop the project sufficiently in order to present it to broadcasters and other financiers to obtain development commitments and financing.


Production company:Black Thunder Films
Producer:Stuart Gillard
Screenwriter:Chuck Shamata


Production company:Sienna Films
Producers:Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny
Screenwriter:Ian Iqbal Rashid

Le Gorille

Production companies:Michel Gauthier Production, Films Zorba
Producers:Michel Gauthier, Pierre Beaudry
Screenwriters:Jean-Marc Dalpé, Monique Messier

Ménage à 4

Production company:Jessie Films
Producers:François Flamand, Joannie Langevin
Screenwriters:Patrice Coquereau, Mathieu Handfield


Production company:Aircraft Pictures
Producers:Matthew Wexler, Anthony Leo, Andrew Rosen
Screenwriter:Evan Thaler Hickey


Production company:Swing Media Crop.
Producer:Janice Dawe
Screenwriter:Janet MacLean

The Gwaii

Production company:Hallows Production
Producer:Sean O’Reilly
Screenwriter:Sean O’Reilly
Development program

The Cogeco Program Development Fund was established by COGECO Inc. and its affiliate Cogeco Cable Inc. to encourage the development of new scripts by Canadian writers for dramatic television programs, to be produced by independent Canadian producers, primarily for private sector broadcasters, in English or French, or preferably in both languages.

Series, MOW’s, Mini-series development

To be eligible for support, an applicant must be a Canadian producer with a minimum of two years production experience and have produced at least one broadcast Canadian television drama. Eligible projects include dramatic series, movies-of-the-week and mini-series which have received development support from a Canadian broadcaster. Funding is in the form of interest-free advances to be reimbursed according to a written contract duly executed.

Since October 2007, eligible projects in development may qualify for up to $5,000 for the development of a cross-platform proposal to adapt or create original content based on the television projects, for other distribution platforms such as websites, mobile content, interactive television or podcasts.

Colombe et le béluga

Production company:Les Productions La Fête
Producers:Rock Demers, Pierre Gendron
Screenwriters:Marie-Hélène Lapierre, Kristine Metz
Broadcasters:ICI Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec


Production company:Amalga créations médias
Producer:André Dupuy
Screenwriter:Serge Boucher
Diffuseur:ICI Radio-Canada


Production company:New Metric Media
Executive Producers:Mark Montefiore, Patrick O’Sullivan
Screenwriters:Jared Keeso, Jacob Tierney
Broadcaster:Bell Media
Production program

Under the terms of CRTC Public Notice 1997-98 regarding contributions to Canadian programming by Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings (BDUs), the BDUs controlled by Cogeco Cable Inc. are directing 20% of their requisite funding contributions to a production program. These contributions to the Cogeco Program Development Fund are used to encourage the production of prime-time movies-of-the-week, mini-series and pilots for dramatic series. These productions must be produced by Canadian independent producers for broadcast by either private or public broadcasters.

To be eligible for support, an applicant must be a Canadian producer with a minimum of two years production experience and have produced at least one broadcast Canadian television program.

Theatrical feature films that have received development funding through the Cogeco Fund’s Theatrical Feature Film Development Program, and which have a broadcast licence and meet all of the other conditions of the Production Program, will also be eligible for production funding.

Financial support is provided in the form of an equity investment. The Fund will participate in recoupment and profits according to certain conditions set by contract.
Feature film development program

To be eligible for support, a Canadian independent producer must have produced within the past 5 years, at least three theatrically released or broadcast productions from the following categories: feature film, movie-of-the-week, or mini-series; at least one of these must have been theatrically released. Development funding is available for production companies with a slate of at least three feature films in development. Funding is in the form of an interest-free advance of which 50% is to be reimbursed on the first day of principal photography of any one of the projects submitted and the balance to be reimbursed on the first day of principal photography of any other project submitted.

Canadian Screen Awards 2014

Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT)
Date:March 3, 2014 - March 9, 2014

Breakfast with a Decision-Maker

Banff World Media Festival
Date:June 7, 2014 - June 10, 2014

Prix Gémeaux 2014

Académie canadienne du cinéma et de la télévision (ACCT)
Date:September 11, 2014 - September 14, 2014


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